Monday, April 16, 2012

Ski season is over

2012 pike season is upon us!

No pike to report yet as I still have not figured out the "pike fishing is awesome right at ice out" thing I keep reading about.
No it's not. It's fucking cold and I can't catch any pike while friends are having field days on the Missouri and Bitterroot.  WTF?

But I did go fish (a very) local lake in hopes of big pike.  No luck, but I was fortunate enough to find and sightcast to a school of cutties waiting for their miniscule breeding creek to flow enough to get into to spawn.  A lot of fun and more practice at the video-editing thing.  Enjoy the video and copy-righted music I have no right to re-publish.  :)


  1. Nice site. Driving by Salmon Lake on my way to the Blackfoot I would have sworn no one in Montana fished for pike with anything but hardware, bait and spears. OK,I've screwed up and joined your site twice and can't get rid of one of the accounts. Idiot!

  2. Keep trying. Target feeder creeks and other places that have iced out earlier. We take more pike in the first few weeks of fishing than in the next few months. The winter was very light this year and we actually took 6 pike on new years eve. I throw the exact same flies as in the summer, just on a sinking line and strip them slower.

    "big pike flies as a way of life"

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